MIT Crime Club and the Sensodyne Defense

mit-crime-club-beaver.gif When the booze crazy alleged drunk Anthony Gallucio—he also happens to be a State Senator—allegedly violated his probation by failing a breathalyzer test, he blamed his toothpaste. Unfortunately for the reputed dipsomaniac, one of Sensodyne's inventors actually lives around here—and heads MIT's awesome Crime Club.

According to the Cambridge Chronicle, MIT alumnus and Crime Club president James Herms holds five patents related to the Sensodyne toothpaste and should know what's in it. He claims that sorbitol, the type of alcohol that Gallucio claimed accounts for the supposedly false result, would not alter the results of a blood alcohol test, which is designed to find ethyl alcohol, the kind that gets you drunk.

Herms also had good advice for people with sensitive teeth: "[W]hat’s more important than the toothpaste is the toothbrush."

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